live by the sun love by the moon

I'm a 21 year old Sagittarius who lives in Oklahoma City. I'm in love with the bohemian gypsy lifestyle. Doctor Who completes me. Enjoy my tumblr and be brilliant!

Talking about Halloween unleashed something unstoppable in me #canyouhearme #shh #quietdarling

Last but not least is NYX Black Label Lipstick in Citrine. #beautifulcolor #sofancy #bonusgiftlipliner :D

The last of the macaroon lippies: Black. #eatyourheartout #nyx #macaroonlippies

2 of the 3 new macaroon lippies I got from NYX. I’ve been wanting to expand my lipstick palette and these were just what I needed! #nyx #macaroonlippies #lavenderontop #keylimeonbottom

Much wrinkles Such old Wow

He’s the only sunshine I need ^.^

I’m in love with these two paintings.

I’m feeling some bff love today. @odotta we have some good times man, good times

Adjusting nose rings makes for a cute face. @odotta

Windy day selfie #okcwind #hotwind

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